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List of Common Service Center(s) in Nandipet, Nizamabad (Telangana) of Andhra Pradesh are given below the dropdown. The List given below of Nandipet, Nizamabad (Telangana) contains the CSC information with CSC ID, VLE Name, Address and Contact Number-


List of Common Service Center(s) in Nandipet, Nizamabad (Telangana) of Andhra Pradesh.

List of Common Service Center(s) in Nandipet, Nizamabad (Telangana) of Andhra Pradesh.

CSC IDVLE NameAddressPhone No.
AP030500318 Bai Srinivas_OPR00659 Near GP Office,Noothpally,(L),Nandipet(M),Nizamabad(Dist) 9848488623
AP030500316 M Santhosh kumar_OPR02329 H.No: 3-51/1,Nandipet(V),Nandipet(M),Nizamabad(Dist),Pin:503212 9542421690
AP030500315 R. Pandari_OPR01650 Vaneel (Khurd), Nandipet (M), Nizambad (Dist) 9640486218
AP030500311 02550_S.Lingesh, S/o. S.Gangadhar Ganggadda Nadkuda(V),Nandipet(M),Nizamabad(Dist) 9701921072
AP030500312 SAMARAPU Sateesh_OPR02413 H.No: 4-35/22,Marampally(V),Nandipet(M),Nizamabad(Dist),Pin:503212 9705289118
AP030500309 A.Sudhakar S/o Ravan APOPR01849 H.No:3-15, Ailapur(GP),Ailapur(PO),Nandipet(M),Nizamabad(Dist) 9849454568
AP030500302 APOPR00263_Shaik Ghouse Shaik Ghouse, H.No:2-52,Donkeshwar(GP),Donkeshwar(PO),Nizamabad(Dist)PIN:503212OPR00263 9848928433
AP030500303 Vannel Das Shekar H.No:6-48,Velmal(GP),Velmal(PO),Nizamabad(Dist) 9985723036
AP030500313 V. Santosh _OPR01584 6-96, Khudavandapur (GP), Nandipet (M), Nizamabad (Dist)
AP030500314 R. Radha_OPR01659 3-88,Vaneel (Khurd), Nandipet (M), Nizambad (Dist) 9640486218
AP030500317 M Santhosh kumar_OPR02330 H.No: 2-70,Bazar Kothur(V),Nandipet(M),Nizamabad(Dist),Pin:503212 9966550032
AP030500301 Shaik Ghouse,S/o.Moinuddin Donkeshwar(L),Nandipet(M),Nizamabad(Dist) 9848928433
About CSC in Nandipet, Nizamabad (Telangana) - Various services have been provided by CSC in Nandipet, Nizamabad (Telangana). You can visit your nearest CSC for any service like Aadhar Card Registration, Aadhar Enrollment, E-Aadhar Letter Download & Print, various insurance services, Passport, LIC, E-Nagrik & E- District Services like Birth & Death Certificate at Nandipet, Nizamabad (Telangana). The other services also may be provided like Ration Card Application Form, Pension, NIOS Registration, PAN Card etc. at your Local CSC Center in Nandipet, Nizamabad (Telangana) of Andhra Pradesh State.