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List of Common Service Center(s) in A1, Kiphire of Nagaland are given below the dropdown. The List given below of A1, Kiphire contains the CSC information with CSC ID, VLE Name, Address and Contact Number-


List of Common Service Center(s) in A1, Kiphire of Nagaland.

List of Common Service Center(s) in A1, Kiphire of Nagaland.

CSC IDVLE NameAddressPhone No.
NL011000114 Mr.Jonah Yimchunger Mimi Village ,Kiphire District 9862310584
NL011000101 S.Longtsuthong Pungro Town 9612244856
NL011000106 Rhangtsothe S.Sangtam A-Khel, Sanphure Village, Kiphire 9856242159
NL011000102 Tsusuthong Tikhir Kipheri Town 9862282500
NL011000107 Limchamong Yimchunger NagalandOne CSC, Thanamir Village, Kiphire 8974999597
NL011000103 Muvali Y Sangtam Main Town,Sitimi 9612929971
NL011000108 Horiba Sangtam DC Ward ,Kiphire Town, GHS Road 9862407872
NL011000110 T Yangseri Sangtam Seyochung HQ ,Kiphire District 9862443965
NL011000111 Alila T Sangtam Kisetong Village,Kiphire District 9612750971
NL011000109 T Tsuthong Tikhir Kiusam HQ ,Near Church ,Kiphire District 9862873487
NL011000104 Bokato Yeptho Phisami village, Kiphire 9862347926
NL011000115 Mr.Throngmusu Sangtam Longmatra Town ,Church Road 9862262608
NL011000112 Mr.Tselise Sangtam Amahator Village ,Kiphire District 9856312704
NL011000105 Limtimong Tikhir Pokphur village, Pungro town, Kiphire 9862339986
NL011000113 Mr.Kungyangse L.Sangtam Seyochung Village ,Kiphire 8974622661
About CSC in A1, Kiphire - Various services have been provided by CSC in A1, Kiphire. You can visit your nearest CSC for any service like Aadhar Card Registration, Aadhar Enrollment, E-Aadhar Letter Download & Print, various insurance services, Passport, LIC, E-Nagrik & E- District Services like Birth & Death Certificate at A1, Kiphire. The other services also may be provided like Ration Card Application Form, Pension, NIOS Registration, PAN Card etc. at your Local CSC Center in A1, Kiphire of Nagaland State.