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List of Common Service Center(s) in Urban5-2014, Alwar-Emitra of Rajasthan are given below the dropdown. The List given below of Urban5-2014, Alwar-Emitra contains the CSC information with CSC ID, VLE Name, Address and Contact Number-


List of Common Service Center(s) in Urban5-2014, Alwar-Emitra of Rajasthan.

List of Common Service Center(s) in Urban5-2014, Alwar-Emitra of Rajasthan.

CSC IDVLE NameAddressPhone No.
RJ083501011 D06K1240_Csc Shahpur Village- Shahpur Block- Umren District- Alwar 9530244844
RJ083501028 D06K1025_CSC Alei Village-Alei Block-Rajgarh Alwar 9413435702
RJ083501052 D06K1150_CSC Barodakan Village- Barodakan Block- Kathumar District- Alwar 9829330372
RJ083501072 D06K1230_CSC Bhooda Village- Bhooda Block- Reni District- Alwar 9251041682
RJ083501094 D06K1067_CSC Gopipura Village-Gopipura, Block-Mandawar, Alwar 9001327403
RJ083501003 D06K1243_CSC Palwa Village- Palwa Block- Rajgarh District- Alwar 9460722344
RJ083501017 D06K1103_CSC Kanhawas Village - Kanhawas Block - Nimrana Alwar 9950582481
RJ083501034 D06K1019_CSC Tapookra Village-Tapookra, NEAR BHIWADI, Block-Tijara, Alwar 7665033600
RJ083501058 D06K1109_CSC Purana Rajgadh Village - Purana Rajgadh Block - Rajgarh Alwar 0
RJ083501083 D06K1268_CSC Ganj Village- Ganj Block- Kisangarhbas District- Alwar 9784125843
RJ083501007 D06K1096_CSC Tahla Village Tahla Block Rajgarh Alwar 9450460802
RJ083501022 D06K1015_CSC Maharajwas Village -Maharajawas, Block-Behror, Alwar 9001332174
RJ083501042 D06K1202_CSC Rabhana Village- Rabhana Block- Tijara District- Alwar 9799317278
RJ083501098 D06K1050_CSC Khoh Village-Khoh, Block-Rajgarh Alwar 9602408046
RJ083501090 D06K1114_CSC Noor Nagar Village - Noor Nagar Block - Kishangarh Bas Alwar 7597102241
RJ083501006 D06K1097_CSC Bhoogar Village-Bhoogar Block- Umren Alwar 9828311139
RJ083501021 D06K1016_CSC Mundawar Tehsil Road, Village-Mundawar, Block- Mandawar, Alwar 9929684951
RJ083501041 D06K1203_CSC Mohabbatpur Village- Mohabbatpur Block- Umren District- Alwar 8302690515
RJ083501065 D06K1036_CSC Reni Village-Reni, Block-Reni, Alwar 9887693737
RJ083501089 D06K1115_CSC Bahadurpur Patti Meeran Village-Bahadurpur Patti Meeran Block- Kisangarhbas Alwar 9468617678
RJ083501010 D06K1093_CSC Gola ka Bas Village-Gola ka Bas Block- Rajgarh Alwar 9460474188
RJ083501027 D06K1098_CSC Peepli Village-Peepli Block-Mandawar Alwar 9610079895
RJ083501051 D06K1151_CSC Daroda Village- Daroda Block- Kathumar District- Alwar 9782208387
RJ083501069 D06K1233_CSC Uchhar Village- Uchhar Block- Lachhmangarh District- Alwar 9983882423
RJ083501093 D06K1111_CSC Alawara Village - Alawara Block - Ramgarh Alwar 0
RJ083501012 D06K1239_CSC Nibaheri Village- Nibaheri Block- Tijara District- Alwar 9672320033
RJ083501029 D06K1024_CSC Khilora Village-Khilora, Block-Ramgarh Alwar 9694976361
RJ083501053 D06K1149_CSC Hameedpur Village- Hameedpur Block- Behror District- Alwar
RJ083501073 D06K1247_CSC Ajarka Village- Ajarka Block- Mandawar District- Alwar 9414791018
RJ083501095 D06K1066_CSC Naswari Village-Naswari, Block-Lachmangarh, Alwar 9887961265
RJ083501009 D06K1094_CSC Jeendoli Village Jeendoli Block Mandawar Alwar 8385835883
RJ083501025 D06K1100_CSC Basni Village - Basni Block - Mandawar Alwar 9929661864
RJ083501044 D06K1200_CSC Seeli Baori Village- Seeli Baori Block- Thanagazi District- Alwar 9001327179
RJ083501068 D06K1033_CSC Pratapgarh Village-Pratapgarh Block-Thanagazi Alwar 9414251880
RJ083501092 D06K1112_CSC Bhonkar Village - Bhonkar Block - Kotkasim Alwar 0
RJ083501005 D06K1241_CSC Kasba Dhara Village- Kasba Dahara Block- Umren District- Alwar 8441928014
RJ083501020 D06K1017_CSC Kasba Bansur Village-Kasba Bansur, Block-Bansur, Alwar 9829663243
RJ083501038 D06K1206_CSC Bahadkho Kalan Village- Bahadkho Kalan Block- Reni District- Alwar 9460371031
RJ083501060 D06K1057_CSC Tatarpur Village-Tatarpur, Block-Mandawar, Alwar 9929684951
RJ083501088 D06K1054_CSC Chatarpura Village- Chatarpura, Block- Bansur Alwar 9950237104
RJ083501001 D06K1245_CSC Sahari Village- Sahari Block- Kathumar District- Alwar 8440901682
RJ083501014 D06K1106_CSC Rampur Village - Rampur Block - Bansur Alwar 0
RJ083501033 D06K1020_CSC Harsana Village-Harsana, Block-Lachhmangarh, Alwar 9001137372
RJ083501055 D06K1126_CSC Tarwala Village - Tarwala Block - Kisangarhbas Alwar 8946922391
RJ083501082 D06K1223_CSC Choroti Pahar Village- Choroti Pahar Block- Ramgarh District- Alwar 9887369415
RJ083501008 D06K1095_CSC Balloopura Village Balloopura Block Rajgarh Alwar 9782356182
RJ083501023 D06K1014_CSC Majri Kalan Village -Majri Kalan, Block-Nimrana, Alwar 9829542935
RJ083501043 D06K1201_CSC Mayapur Village- Mayapur Block- Tijara District- Alwar 23156
RJ083501066 D06K1035_CSC Naugawan Village-Naugawan, Block-Ramgarh, Alwar 9783864282
RJ083501091 D06K1113_CSC Harsoli Village - Harsoli Block - Kotkasim Alwar 0
RJ083501004 D06K1242_CSC Kakrali Village- Kakrali Block- Ramgarh District- Alwar 9829126607
RJ083501019 D06K1101_CSC Giglana Village - Giglana Block - Nimrana Alwar 8875131961
RJ083501036 D06K1087_CSC Shahbad Village- Shahbad Block- Tijara Alwar 8104047311
RJ083501059 D06K1108_CSC Kherli Saiyad Village - Kherli Saiyad Block - Ramgarh Alwar 0
RJ083501086 D06K1117_CSC Jakhrana Kalan Village-Jakhrana Kalan Block-Behror Alwar 8107463100
RJ083501099 D06K1812_Tahir Khan VILL. MALPUR TEHSIL RAMGARH DIST.ALWAR 9828667342
RJ083501013 D06K1238_CSC Bai Village- Bai Block- Tijara District- Alwar 9983833384
RJ083501031 D06K1022_CSC Haldeena Village-Haldeena, Block-Umren, Alwar 9414021033
RJ083501054 D06K1127_CSC Mohalariyan Village - Mohalariyan Block - Nimrana Alwar 9829145789
RJ083501078 D06K1227_CSC Khohra Chauhan Village- Khohra Chauhan Block- Reni District- Alwar 9950320753
RJ083501097 D06K1064_CSC Sonkhar(Rural) Village-Sonkhar(Rural) Block-Kathumar Alwar 9636152881
About CSC in Urban5-2014, Alwar-Emitra - Various services have been provided by CSC in Urban5-2014, Alwar-Emitra. You can visit your nearest CSC for any service like Aadhar Card Registration, Aadhar Enrollment, E-Aadhar Letter Download & Print, various insurance services, Passport, LIC, E-Nagrik & E- District Services like Birth & Death Certificate at Urban5-2014, Alwar-Emitra. The other services also may be provided like Ration Card Application Form, Pension, NIOS Registration, PAN Card etc. at your Local CSC Center in Urban5-2014, Alwar-Emitra of Rajasthan State.