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List of Common Service Center(s) in Urban6-2014, Alwar-Emitra of Rajasthan are given below the dropdown. The List given below of Urban6-2014, Alwar-Emitra contains the CSC information with CSC ID, VLE Name, Address and Contact Number-


List of Common Service Center(s) in Urban6-2014, Alwar-Emitra of Rajasthan.

List of Common Service Center(s) in Urban6-2014, Alwar-Emitra of Rajasthan.

CSC IDVLE NameAddressPhone No.
RJ083501104 D06K1027_CSC Narayanpur Village-Narayanpur, Block-Thanagazi, Alwar 9887482500
RJ083501126 D06K1192_CSC Sihali Khurd Village- Sihali Khurd Block- Mandawar District- Alwar 8890713465
RJ083501145 D06K1182_CSC Ishrota Village- Ishrota Block- Kathumar District- Alwar 9982402181
RJ083501174 D06K1010_CSC Garhi Sawairam Village-Garhi Sawairam ,Teh-Rajgarh Block-Reni, Alwar 9829398667
RJ083501198 D06K1029_CSC Beejwad Chauhan Village-Beejwad Chauhan Block-Madawar Alwar 9929371634
RJ083501107 D06K1116_CSC Bhanokhar Village-Bhanokhar Block-Kathumar Alwar 8104135217
RJ083501129 D06K1281_CSC Ujoli Village - Ujoli Block - Kotkasim Dist. - Alwar 9571036814
RJ083501151 D06K1261_CSC Chandoli Village- Chandoli Block- Umren District- Alwar 8875592511
RJ083501176 D06K1008_CSC Mala Khera Village -Mala Khera, Block-Umren, Alwar 9460374953
RJ083501108 D06K1273_CSC NEHAR KHERA Village- NEHAR KHERA Bloock- KATHUMAR Dis-ALWAR 9649875455
RJ083501130 D06K1280_CSC Machari Village - Machari Block - Reni Dist. - Alwar 9772741201
RJ083501153 D06K1259_CSC Bileta Village- Bileta Block- Reni District- Alwar 7790879338
RJ083501177 D06K1143_CSC NAREDA KHURD Village NAREDA KHURD Block NIMRANA District ALWAR 9667259210
RJ083501112 D06K1269_CSC Rajwara Village- Rajwara Block- Mandawar District- Alwar 8107245079
RJ083501137 D06K1190_CSC Radwa Village- Radwa Block- Mandawar District- Alwar 9460136961
RJ083501156 D06K1256_Csc Doli Village- Doli Block- Ramgarh District- Alwar 9785120012
RJ083501167 D06K1110_CSC Diwakari Village - Diwakari Block - Umren Alwar 0
RJ083501181 D06K1139_CSC Prithvipura Village - Prithvipura Block - Bansur Tehsil - Bansur 9887119040
RJ083501114 D06K1236_CSC Bhajeet Village- Bhajeet Block- Ramgarh District- Alwar 9610302530
RJ083501139 D06K1188_CSC Beelaheri Village- Beelaheri Block- Kotkasim District- Alwar 8094013143
RJ083501158 D06K1254_CSC Dhahalawas Village- Dhahalawas Block- Umren District- Alwar 9694564686
RJ083501168 D06K1090_CSC Bas Dayal Village- Bas Dayal Block- Bansur Alwar 8890044422
RJ083501183 D06K1137_CSC Dera Village- Dera Block- Reni District- Alwar 9828354571
RJ083501118 D06K1220_CSC Lapala Village- Lapala Block- Reni District- Alwar 9828932591
RJ083501140 D06K1187_CSC Jatiyana Village- Jatiyana Block- Kotkasim District- Alwar 9660973391
RJ083501161 D06K1178_CSC Palawa Village PALAWA Block MANDAWAR District ALWAR 8104319925
RJ083501169 D06K1089_CSC Doroli Village-Doroli, Block-Reni, Alwar 9414427870
RJ083501184 D06K1058_CSC Hudiya Kalan Village-Hudiya Kalan, Block-Nimrana, Alwar
RJ083501120 D06K1218_CSC Birkari Village- Birkari Block- Rajgarh District- Alwar 9166138566
RJ083501143 D06K1184_CSC Kithoor Village- Kithoor Block- Kisangarhbas District- Alwar 9785094143
RJ083501172 D06K1012_CSC Mubarikpur Near Gurudwara,Village-Mubarikpur Block-Ramgarh, Alwar 9828541383
RJ083501186 D06K1046_CSC Pinan Village-Pinan, Block-Reni, Alwar 9784541077
RJ083501103 D06K1041_CSC Moosa Khera Village-Moosa Khera, Block-Kisangarhbas, Alwar 9829469342
RJ083501125 D06K1193_CSC Hatoondi Village- Hatoondi Block- Mandawar District- Alwar 7568662751
RJ083501144 D06K1183_CSC Khera Tarf Kalyanpura Village- Khera Tarf Kalyanpura Block- Kathumar District- Alwar 9001127832
RJ083501173 D06K1011_CSC Ramwas 795,Adarsh Mohalla Village-Ramwas, Block-Lachhmangarh, Alwar 9680203060
RJ083501190 D06K1135_CSC Basai Village-Basai, Block-BEHROR, District-Alwar 9828122095
RJ083501105 D06K1026_CSC Umren Village-Umren, Block-Umren, Alwar 9950233630
RJ083501128 D06K1282_CSC Baseth Village - Baseth Block - Kathumar Dist. - Alwar 9636152881
RJ083501149 D06K1263_CSC Kolila Joga Village- Kolila Joga Block- Nimrana District- Alwar 9928293814
RJ083501175 D06K1009_CSC Baroda Meo Jain Electronic , Near Punjab National Bank, Village-Baroda Meo ,Block-Lachhmangarh, Alwar
RJ083501119 D06K1219_CSC Dheeroda Village- Dheeroda Block- Rajgarh District- Alwar 9414019035
RJ083501141 D06K1186_CSC Makdawa Village- Makdawa Block- Kotkasim District- Alwar 8094013143
RJ083501170 D06K1088_CSC Vijaipura Village- Vijaipura Block- Thanagazi Alwar 9887587553
RJ083501185 D06K1047_CSC Naya Bas Village-Naya Bas Block-Bansur Alwar 9887528912
RJ083501109 D06K1272_CSC Kalwari Village- Kalwari Block- Kathumar District- Alwar 9929535596
RJ083501131 D06K1279_CSC Mahesara Village - Mahesara Block - Tijara Dist. - Alwar 9549084920
RJ083501154 D06K1258_Csc Pragpura Village- Pragpura Block- Reni District- Alwar 9694153663
RJ083501178 D06K1142_CSC Hameerpur Village Hameerpur Block BANSUR District ALWAR 9784169049
RJ083501164 D06K1049_CSC Kadooki Village-Kadooki, Block-Umren Alwar 9610021916
RJ083501111 D06K1270_CSC Sorai Village- Sorai Block- Lachhmangarh District- Alwar 9610010700
RJ083501135 D06K1266_CSC Kathoowas Village- Kathoowas Block- Nimrana District- Alwar 8683831578
RJ083501155 D06K1257_Csc Ramgarh Village- Ramgarh Block- Ramgarh District- Alwar 8094013151
RJ083501166 D06K1040_CSC Lachhmangarh Village-Lachhmangarh, Block-Lachhmangarh, Alwar 9001137372
RJ083501180 D06K1140_CSC Rajpur Bara Village - Rajpur Block - Rajgarh GP - Rajpur Bda 9610006673
About CSC in Urban6-2014, Alwar-Emitra - Various services have been provided by CSC in Urban6-2014, Alwar-Emitra. You can visit your nearest CSC for any service like Aadhar Card Registration, Aadhar Enrollment, E-Aadhar Letter Download & Print, various insurance services, Passport, LIC, E-Nagrik & E- District Services like Birth & Death Certificate at Urban6-2014, Alwar-Emitra. The other services also may be provided like Ration Card Application Form, Pension, NIOS Registration, PAN Card etc. at your Local CSC Center in Urban6-2014, Alwar-Emitra of Rajasthan State.