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List of Common Service Center(s) in Lalganj, Azamgarh of Uttar Pradesh are given below the dropdown. The List given below of Lalganj, Azamgarh contains the CSC information with CSC ID, VLE Name, Address and Contact Number-


List of Common Service Center(s) in Lalganj, Azamgarh of Uttar Pradesh.

List of Common Service Center(s) in Lalganj, Azamgarh of Uttar Pradesh.

CSC IDVLE NameAddressPhone No.
UP060201001 SANJAY KUMAR JAISWAL vill&post Lalganj,Teshil Lalganj,Azamgarh 9936545405
UP060201009 kalpnath ram VillnasaratpurBlocklalganj Tehsil Dist.Azamgarh 9415362077
UP060201015 sidhauna vill.Sidhona.Lalganj.Lalganj.azamgarh 9918694270
UP060201023 sidhauna Vill+po Sidhauna ,Lalganj,Azamgarh 9721751154
UP060201017 Sarvesh Singh Vill.Khaniyara.Lalganj.Lalganj.Azamgarh 9415730678
UP060201011 Sanjay singh Vill-chevar,Block-lalganj ,District-Azamgarh 9450116265
UP060201019 NIHORGANJ AZAMGARH Villnihorganjblocklalganj Tehsillalganj Dist.Azamgarh 9918804751
UP060201013 Mohd. Adil Vill-maikharpur,Block-lalganj ,District-Azamgarh 9839258709
UP060201003 ARVIND RAI vill maikhargpur post ubarpur,lalganj,azamgarh 9455611862
UP060201021 Tarafkaji Deogaon Azamgarh Vill-Tarafkaji, Post-Deogaon,Block-Lalganj ,District-Azamgarh 9415653658
UP060201002 Surendra Pratap Yadav vill&post naikoat nonipur,lalganj,azamgarh 9918804754
UP060201020 Afjal Ahmad Villbermablocklalganj Tehsillalganj Dist.Azamgarh 9415654283
UP060201014 AKHILESH KUMAR VERMA Vill.Akolhi.Lalganj.Lalganj.Azamgarh 9794972094
UP060201006 Siddik bano VillnandapurBlocklalganj Tehsillalganj Dist.Azamgarh 9935007378
UP060201007 Santosh kumar VillkotapalaltBlocklalganj Tehsillalganj Dist.Azamgarh 9838857345
UP060201032 Gulab Yadav vill.Ismaelpur Varhti,Lalgang Lalgang Azamgarh 9919983938
UP060201018 Vijay Shanker Maurya vill chandewara,lalganj,azamgarh 9918256625
UP060201012 Durksha bano Vill-sikroura,Block-lalganj ,District-Azamgarh 9415601616
UP060201004 Ataurrehman vill&post kalichabad,block lalganj,dist azamgarh 9044507524
UP060201022 Kalpnath Rav Vill-Suruyaha,Block-Lalganj ,District-Azamgarh 9838764290
UP060201016 DEEPAK SINGH vill.Bambopur.Lalganj.Lalganj.azamgarh 9532342543
UP060201010 Ashish singh Vill-gosaiganj,Block-lalganj ,District-Azamgarh 9161313007
UP060201005 Waseem Ahmed vill &post, Bairadeeh,B-Lalganj,Dist azamgarh 8090207060
UP060201008 Santosh kumar VillkotapalaltBlocklalganj Tehsillalganj Dist.Azamgarh 9838857345
About CSC in Lalganj, Azamgarh - Various services have been provided by CSC in Lalganj, Azamgarh. You can visit your nearest CSC for any service like Aadhar Card Registration, Aadhar Enrollment, E-Aadhar Letter Download & Print, various insurance services, Passport, LIC, E-Nagrik & E- District Services like Birth & Death Certificate at Lalganj, Azamgarh. The other services also may be provided like Ration Card Application Form, Pension, NIOS Registration, PAN Card etc. at your Local CSC Center in Lalganj, Azamgarh of Uttar Pradesh State.